About Finhub Holdings

Finhub Holdings Sdn. Bhd is a company that formed to serve the finance community with better and efficient services.

Finhub Holdings Sdn. Bhd is a leading financial services company that is
dedicated to providing better and more efficient services to the
finance community. We believe in putting our clients first, which is why
we appoint a dedicated Relationship Manager for every client to
provide them with comprehensive financial solutions. Our Relationship
Managers are highly trained professionals who offer a range of
services, from mortgage loan application to estate planning, to ensure
that our clients receive the best possible advice in Financial Planning.

At Finhub Holdings Sdn. Bhd., we pride ourselves on being the FIRST
Fintech system in Malaysia for loan approval analysis. Our system has
been designed by a group of outstanding senior bankers with more
than 10 years of experience, and it combines all the bank’s approval
guidelines, loan packages, and credit scoring in Malaysia. This helps us
to identify the best financial institute with the Highest Approval Chance
& Lowest Interest Rate, which ultimately benefits our clients.

The accuracy of our AI system is as high as 95%, making it a reliable
and efficient tool for analysing loan approvals. This is especially
important as it is difficult for humans to memorize all the banks’ criteria
and packages, but our Finhub AI system can do it. Our system provides
quick and accurate results, which saves time for both our clients and
Relationship Managers.

At Finhub Holdings Sdn. Bhd., we are committed to providing the best
possible financial solutions to our clients, and we believe that our
innovative Fintech system sets us apart from the competition.

Company Mission: Our ultimate goal is to help real estate agents to increase their sales conversion rate to 80%.

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