SME Loan Consultancy

What is SME Loan?

SME loan is a type of loan offer to companies under Small Medium Enterprise category. Main purpose is for working capital or purchase of properties for business usage.

Why choose Finhub, instead of direct bank?

Banks’ approval has never been easy for SME Loan, as the survival rate of SME is extremely low, and the lending might not be able to recover by the banks. Furthermore, Covid-19 has greatly increased the difficulty for SME companies to get a loan, especially those industry which is badly affected.

Therefore,  Finhub Holdings Sdn bhd plays an important role, to help SME companies to review and match with banks who are favor on giving them loans.

Is Finhub Loan Assessment reliable?

In Finhub, we go through 2 layer of loan assessment.

Firstly, we go through our in house Fintech System, to get the best possible bank that willing to give the best approval.

Secondly. we use human to cross check. In Finhub, we have our in-house Loan Committee members, which consists of the Top Managers from various bank with at least 10 years banking experiences, to review the loan application. This has greatly increased our loan approval rate for each loan application, with the most professional advice in town.

Company Mission: Our ultimate goal is to help real estate agents to increase their sales conversion rate to 80%.

Our experts

Our team of professionals includes Mortgage Consultancy, Portfolio Management & Estate Planning.